Professional Development

Session A: 10:00—11:30 am
Retirement Planning 101
Presenter: Vicki Engle, WEA Member Benefits
Wisconsin public school employees within 10 years of retirement are invited to attend a seminar that will provide you with an overview of the sources of retirement income available to public school employees, including Wisconsin Retirement System, Social Security, and personal savings; an understanding of common roadblocks to successful retirement planning; a pre-retirement checklist of important things to consider, and tools and solutions to help you achieve your retirement goals.
Yoga for Educator Resilience
Presenter: Cece Hutchison, Seymour EA
If you have experienced compassion fatigue, this session is for you. You will learn how to connect with your breath, check in with your posture and practice meditation. You will go back to school with some practical postures to implement immediately into your brain breaks. Bring a yoga mat and wear comfy clothes!
Beating Back the Bully Principal
Presenter: Kathy Rohde, WEAC Region 3
A bullying principal can create an environment of fear that affects teachers, school staff, and even students. School tyrants rely on well-known tactics: targeting, divide-and-conquer, harsh retaliation, favoritism, and secrecy. This workshop will offer concrete, tested, and accessible steps you can take to build up collective courage among colleagues and challenge the culture of fear in your school.
Co-Teaching: An Honest Look
Presenters: Cassy Engelhardt and Justin Zoellick, Clintonville Education Association
Co-teaching can be a rewarding and fun experience for both teachers and students. We will discuss various co-teaching instructional models, ways to plan and help each other (even with time constraints and scheduling nightmares), and how to avoid co-teaching pitfalls.
Healthy Working Relationships
Presenter: Kay Hansen, Denmark United Educators
In this workshop, we will be looking at how you can build strong, positive relationships at work. We will look at why it is important to have good working relationships, how to strengthen them, and how to work with people you may not naturally get along with.
LUNCH / Panel Discussion: 11:45—12:45
Meet educators from our Region who will share success stories from their Locals. They had an issue and organized members around that issue and WON!
Session B: 1:00—2:30 pm
Special Ed Law and Violent Student Behavior
Presenter: Rebecca Ferber Osborn, WEAC Attorney
This session will provide an overview of the law and your rights related to dealing with violent special education students.
Mindfulness for Teachers and ESPs
Presenter: Andrea Ciha, Ashwaubenon Education Association
Attendees will gain a better understanding of what mindfulness is and how it can benefit your students. Learn ways to make your learning environment more calm and peaceful while creating more positive space for your students and yourself. Gain ideas on breathing and ways to incorporate mindfulness the very next day!
Building Union Power
Presenters: Michelle Preussler, Manitowoc Education Association, and Kristin Lytie, WEAC Region 3
How do we mobilize membership to achieve goals? Hear about best practices on how leadership can empower members to advocate for themselves. Discuss tactics that create transparency and encourage collaboration to build power.
Spanish for Educators
Presenter: Meg Graham, United Lakewood Educators, Mukwonago
This course is designed to help teachers develop cultural understanding and a repertoire of communication skills to converse with ELL/Spanish-speaking only students and family members. Previous attendees report they walk away with actual communication skills they can use at school.
Session C: 2:30—4:00 pm
Organizing Around Special Education Issues
Presenters: Kristin Lytie and Kathy Rohde, WEAC Region 3
Whether or not you have attended a session about Special Ed Law and Violent Student Behaviors, this session can help teachers and ESPs create next steps to address specific disrupted learning environments. 
Mindfulness for Teachers and ESPs
Presenter: Andrea Ciha, Ashwaubenon Education Association
Repeat session.
Retirement Planning 101
Presenter: Vicki Engle, WEA Member Benefits
Repeat session.
Spanish for Educators
Presenter: Meg Graham, United Lakewood Educators, Mukwonago
Repeat session.
Using Digital Tools to Enhance Readers and Writers 
Presenter: Jane Savatski, Appleton EA
This workshop will help ELEMENTARY TEACHERS incorporate digital tools into everyday learning.
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