Professional Development

National Board Certification: Get a Jump Start!

Mon., July 30 – Wed., August 1 @ UW-Eau Claire

Developed by a team of Nationally Board-Certified Teachers (NBCTs) from across the country, NEA Jump Start is a comprehensive, three+ day seminar designed to provide early support to National Board candidates. Jump Start lays the groundwork for understanding the certification process by deeply examining component and assessment center requirements. Time is dedicated to gathering resources and information needed to become successful in certifying. All of this is provided in a supportive, constructive, and collegial environment.

Jump Start Modules: Specific focus is placed on the following content: Foundations (NBCT standards & process overview), Component 1 (content knowledge), Component 2 (differentiation in instruction), Component 3 (teaching practice & learning environment), and Component 4 (the effective & reflective practitioner). SEE FLYER