NEA Foundation highlights Milwaukee urban farming and aquaponics grant program during Earth Week


The NEA Foundation is celebrating Earth Week by highlighting grants that fund special Earth-friendly grant projects such as an urban farming and aquaponics program in Milwaukee.

This NEA Foundation case study and related e-book include valuable insights from two successful STEM projects it funded, in partnership with AT&T, in Milwaukee and New York City. These resources are designed for all educators, whether their districts are rural, suburban, or urban, to grow urban farming or aquaponics programs in their own schools.

Students produce their own food (everything from kale to fish!) and learn about not only science but also social justice, business, healthy eating, and sustainability. These programs have taken root in young minds across each district.

“Once the kids showed up and saw what the class was about, they kept showing up,” says Rochelle Sandrin, a science teacher at Bradley Tech in Milwaukee.

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And view this video about the Milwaukee urban farming and aquaponics grant program:

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Deadlines for applications are
February 1, June 1, and October 15.

NEA Foundation also highlighted these recent Wisconsin grants: