Sen. Vinehout: We can’t afford two school systems

Cutting costs

VinehoutIn a column in the Capital Times, State Senator Kathleen Vinehout writes that the shift of state funds to private voucher schools is causing hardship for public schools throughout the state.

“As a new school year begins, students and parents see changes, such as increased meal costs, larger class sizes, retiring teachers not replaced and fewer teachers’ aides,” she writes. “There are fewer janitors and delayed maintenance; longer bus rides and fewer field trips; fewer music and art classes. Many public schools are forced to do more with less because lawmakers who voted for the last state budget increased state tax dollars to private schools. Nearly half of Wisconsin’s public schools will receive less aid this school year than the last. …

“Resolving problems facing local schools will require a shift in state policy,” she writes. “A majority of lawmakers must realize Wisconsin cannot afford two parallel school systems. Without significant increases in taxes, we cannot use state tax dollars for both public and private schools. One will suffer while the other thrives. We can see this happening already in the Milwaukee area.”

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